Anise also called Aniseed is a native of southwestern Asia, northern Africa and South-Eastern Europe. Anise is sweet and aromatic.

The leaves are frequently employed as a garnish. Far more common, is the use of the seeds, which are used to flavour various condiments, especially masala blends and curry pastes, many kinds of cake, pastry, and confectionery and into some kinds of cheeses and breads. Anise is the true flavor behind liquorish.

Culinary Uses

Roots: inferior to fennel culinary use unknown  
Seeds: Cakes, biscuits, confectionary, breads, masalas, curry pastes, fruit preserves, seafood, poultry, soups and root vegetable dishes.  
Leaves: Young leaves can be used sparingly in salads or as a garnish.
Flowers: Unknown culinary uses.

Articles and recipes

Recipes using Anise click here.
Preparing and storing dried herbs and spices.

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