Hyacinth Bean

The hyacinth bean is classified as both a medicinal and poisonous plant.

The hyacinth bean is toxic due to the presence of cyanogenic glycosides, that are converted to hydrogen cyanide when consumed so should be prepared appropriately.

The fresh fruit and beans are edible if boiled with several changes of the water. Dried beans should be soaked over a 12-24 hour period with regular water changes then boiled.

Hyacinth Beans can also be and sprouted it is not recommended to serve sprouted beans without blanching or boiling them prior to serving.

The leaves are eaten raw or cooked like spinach.

The pod can be used as a cooked vegetable.

The flowers can be eaten raw or steamed.

The root can be boiled or baked for food.

The seeds can be white, brown, red, or black depending on the cultivar the outer skin of the bean is often removed prior to serving or completing dishes.

The Beans are or often used to make tofu, tempeh and form a base for Vaala Che Birde, Upma.

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Ive used these for a savoury paste with lamb , they have a wonderful sweet nutty flavour and can be ground to a very smooth paste.